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How can I send a comment to the Zoo management?

How can I send a comment to the Zoo management?

Zoo sauvage’s philosophy

All comments and questions from the public are important. They allow the organization to improve itself and improve such areas as:

  • Public Safety and Security
  • Animal welfare
  • Customer service
  • Products available
  • Various activities
  • Quality of educational content

Procedure for transmitting comments and questions

There are several ways to send comments and questions, depending on the visitor’s preference.

  • Verbally to an employee or his supervisor
  • By email at [email protected]
  • By using the comment sheets on the Zoo site or at the Borealium (Welcome Center)
  • By sending a private message on social networks such as Facebook
  • Through websites such as Trip Advisor

Feedback on comments and questions

The feedback on the received message will be done in different ways. The feedback helps to explain the reasons behind a way of doing things or to explain the measures that will be taken after the message is received.

  • An employee can respond verbally to the person for an explanation or a minor situation.
  • The communications manager can send a message back on Facebook or Trip Advisor.
  • The Executive Director or a person delegated by her can respond (verbally or in writing).

The Executive Director receives:

  • All written comments made on the comment sheets
  • All emails requiring follow-up from her
  • All the situation follow-ups of its directors

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