Looking after animals in our care

Our Park covers a surface exceeding 1200 acres where several types of ecosystems are located. There are many grounds, trees, shrubs and flora of all kinds that we must take care of. Furthermore, our animal collection includes dozens of species and hundreds of individuals. Therefore, it takes a lot of people to insure that all are well.

Because the well-being of our animals is crucial, our habitats are all natural, large and diverse, and favour the cohabitation of species… as in nature!

Find out how the habitats we create suit the needs of these animals by reading the article on “Habitat layout”.

As well treated as they may be by their keepers, animals sometimes require care for disease or injury. The Zoo sauvage animal health team is on the job. Read our veterinarian’s article “Caring for animals” to know more about this. Many of you love nature and contact us to know what to do with wild animals you have found. Check out our article on “Wildlife and Tamed Animals” for more information.

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