on The Zoo is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., every day.

FAQ - For your visit to the Zoo

 1.What are our hours of operation at the Zoo Sauvage?Our hours of operation vary depending on the season when you will visit the zoo. Consult our section Plan for schedule and fees.

 2. How long does the visit to the Zoo last?

During the summer you have to calculate between four (4) and five (5) hours for a complete visit of the Zoo. In the winter, the visit is shorter and you should calculate approximately four (4) hours.

3. How much does an entry ticket cost?

The cost of the ticket will vary depending on age and season.

4. Do you offer family packages?

Yes. The Zoo Sauvage offers a family package as well as many services for both parents and children. Consult our section Families for more information.

5. What is the train schedule for the visit of the Nature Park Trails (Parc des sentiers de la nature) and how much time does the ride last?

The train schedule varies according to the number of visitors. Ask the front desk clerk when you arrive at the zoo. The departures for the train ride in the Nature Park Trails (Parc des sentiers de la nature) are also announced by microphone directly on-site throughout the day.

6. Do you offer hotel packages?

Many establishments offer Zoo Sauvage packages.

7. Are pets allowed on the Zoo Sauvage site?

No. Pets are not authorized on the Zoo Sauvage site.

8. Do you accept direct payment?

Yes. The Zoo Sauvage accepts direct payment in many places throughout the site.

9. Can we bring our own lunches on the Zoo site?

Absolutely. You can enjoy your homemade lunch in one of our picnic areas or in one of our restaurant areas. Consult the section Food and dining areas for more details.

10. Is the Zoo site wheelchair and stroller accessible?

Yes. The whole Zoo site is accessible. To obtain more details about people with limited mobility, you can consult our Person with limited mobility

11. What are the directions to get to the Zoo?

Consult our section How to get to the Zoo? to find out the best directions for you.

12. Is the parking free?

Yes. The Zoo parking is free for all of our visitors.

13. How can I know if the Zoo is opened?

To learn about the schedule and the opening hours, click on the tab « Plan your visit » and then on « Schedule and rates ». In case of bad weather or other unusual event, the Zoo might exceptionally close. In that case, the Direction will inform the visitors at least one hour prior to the opening of the Zoo on Facebook, the Zoo website and the prerecorded message on the phone.


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