Conservation at the Zoo sauvage

The Zoo sauvage’s motto is “Learn to know, know to love, love to protect”, expressing its concern for the preservation and protection of ecosystems and species. Protecting all living things means getting to know them better and sharing that knowledge so that everyone can become their ambassadors.

The mission of the Zoo sauvage of St-Félicien is to make people love nature in order to preserve it. To deliver on this mission and protect species and natural habitats, the Zoo must carry out a whole range of actions:

• Awareness/Education: education is key to conservation programs because the co-operation of the greatest number of people possible is needed to achieve sustainable and significant change in our behaviour.

• Reproduction of species considered at risk: to ensure that animals under our care have the best possible genetics, reproduction of certain species is encouraged to contribute to their long-term viability.

• Rehabilitation and reintroduction of individuals.

• Conservation projects: nowadays, zoos are involved in conservation projects outside their walls, often in co-operation with other organizations.

• Scientific research: the Zoo works together with researchers on various projects for the advancement of science and the protection of the species.

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