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Omnivorous , feeding on insects, amphibians, small mammals, birds, eggs, forb, leaves, and waste.


Up to 7 years in wild and 10 years in captivity.


Sexually mature at 9 months. Mating occurs between February and March. The 5-6 young are born between April and May after a gestation period of 62-66 days, and are weaned after 2 months.


Great horned owl, Canadian lynx, bobcat, fisher, cougar, coyote and red fox.

FAQ : How far can a skunk spray its musk? Are the skunks at the Zoo descented ?

The Striped skunk is of the Mephitis genus. Like other members of its family, it possesses anal glands which produce a foul-smelling liquid. When sprayed, this musk gives off an unpleasant and persistent odour. When threatened, the skunk contracts these glands and can spray the musk over six metres away. To avoid problems with staff and visitors, the Zoo sauvage keeps descented skunks.

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