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Class Birds
Order Gruiformes
Family Gruidae
Zoo section Asia
Diet Omnivorous
IUCN Status Endangered

This omnivorous bird has a varied diet: insects, aquatic invertebrates, fish, amphibians, rodents, reeds or rushes, grass, corn, berries and other plant forms.


In the wild, from 30 years; in captivity, from 50 to 60 years.


It nests and lays its eggs in spring and summer, once the male and female have reached the age of 2 ½. The couple incubates and protects 2 eggs for 29-34 days. Generally only one nestling survives. The youngsters fledge 75-95 days after hatching.


Few predators, since the crane takes flight rapidly and defends itself with its sharp-edged beak. Human beings remain its major predator.

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