Please note that the Zoo sauvage of Saint-Félicien is closed for the visitors on Thursday, December 3, 2022 due to the bad weather conditions announced for the day. The Zoo will be open according to its usual schedule as of December 4, 2022. The Zoo Cinema remains open according to schedule. Thank you for your understanding.


Herbivorous, feeding on roots and seeds, grasses and herbaceous plants, berries, and cultivated grains.


In nature, from 10 to over 20 years.


From the age of 2 years old, mating and egg laying take place between February and June depending on the region. The female incubates 5-6 eggs for 28 days. The fledglings’ first flight takes place 63-86 days later.


Foxes, skuas, seagulls, common raven and birds of prey among others.

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