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Carnivorous, feeding principally on carrion, fish, ducks and small mammals.


Up to 20 years in the wild and around 40 years in captivity.


Sexually mature at 4 years. Mating and egg laying occurs between March and May. The 1-3 eggs are incubated by both the male and the female for 35 days. The young fledge after 72-75 days.


No natural predators for the adults. The eggs and eaglets can be preyed upon by the black-billed magpie, seagulls, common raven, crow, black bear, raccoon, wolverine, lynx and other birds of prey.

FAQ : What is the wingspan of large birds of prey ?

The wingspan is measured from tip to tip when wings are fully spread out. A bald eagle or golden eagle for example can have a 2-metre wingspan, while the wingspan of a red-tailed hawk, a common species in Quebec, would be 1.25 metres.

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