Anima Lumina

A multimedia night walk in the Boreal forest


At nightfall, when the animals retreat to their nocturnal hiding spots, Felix weaves through the Zoo Sauvage de Saint-Félicien under a shining moon. This young boy, raised at the zoo, crisscrosses its pathways seeking the beings that animate the woods. The boy’s gift is to awaken the magic of the boreal forest. Watch carefully and follow his voice to discover a new side of the zoo.

Anima Lumina is a night walk illuminated by multimedia, conceived in the Zoo Sauvage de Saint-Félicien. Every summer evening, the zoo’s natural beauty is enhanced by lighting and video mapping. Heightened by a captivating original soundtrack, this pathway was created with respect for forest and its inhabitants. Anima Lumina is a poetic tribute to nature’s beautiful mysteries.

  • Welcome Area

    Be transported into the world of Anima Lumina.

  • Fresh Tracks
  • Moonrise

    Begin to see the forest differently under the bright light of a full moon.

  • Sunset

    Meet Felix, a young boy raised at the zoo who has a special gift for speaking to animals, and watch as he summons wild animals out of the woods.

  • Aurora Borealis

    Step into the misty glow of northern lights on a footbridge filled with luminous enchantment

  • Falling Stars

    Feel the raw energy of nature concentrated into beams of pure light.

  • Shadow Ballet

    See the forest glow with the energy of the unseen animals in its shadows.

  • Silhouettes

    Felix leads you to a special place where animals gather to watch as the moon becomes a canvas for shadow puppets.

  • Nature’s Symphony

    Felix conducts a symphony of shadows, summoning visions of animals to share their wild beauty with you.


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