What can we do between the zoo’s closing and the beginning of Anima Lumina ?

The site closes at 7:00 pm from July 16 to August 14, at 6:00 pm from August 15 to August 31, and at 5:00 from September. To know what you can do between the Zoo’s closing and the beginning of the night walk, visit the Ville de Saint-Félicien’s website.

Is Anima Lumina accessible to all ?

Yes. People with limited mobility can partially experience the nocturnal activity. The walk goes on a new footbridge near the grizzly bears’ habitat and there are steps at this place. There are also three suspension bridges of 11 to 15-meter long each. People with limited mobility must use another path. However, the experience remains very interesting.

Is the pathway easily accessible for least fit people seniors ?

As mentioned above, there are steps to take, going up and down at different times. If some visitors want to use the path for people with limited mobility, there is no problem.

Is the sound too loud for young children ?

No. Each area is separate and the sound stays in each of them. Note that there are surprise effects all along the pathway.

Is there a minimum age for the children to participate in this activity ?

The walk is for all the members of the family. The activity is accessible for kids able to walk 1,5 km.

How long is the night walk ?

It’s about an hour.

Is there a package I can buy to experience the night walk and visit the zoo the day after ?

Of course ! Visitors are offered the opportunity the combine the visit of the Zoo and the night walk. Indeed if you buy a ticket for the Zoo sauvage, you’ll get a 20% discount on the ticket price for the night walk. There are two options: you can visit the Zoo and experience ANIMA LUMINA on the same day, or visit the Zoo the day after you go to ANIMA LUMINA.

If we buy our tickets online for the night walk and we don’t want to go at the schedule date because of the bad weather, can we postpone our visit to a later date ?

Yes. But when you buy your tickets online, you have to schedule the date and the time of your start. If you fail to show up on the date you indicated, you will have to go through the waiting line. Your tickets will be available for any other date listed on the calendar opening but the start hour indicated on your tickets will no longer be valid.

Is it required to reserve in advance or can I buy the thickets on site ?

We invite you to reserve your tickets online so you can schedule your start time. But you can also buy your tickets on site. However, online tickets holders have a faster access.

Will we have to wait ?

Online reservation ensure that your start will be within 30 minutes after the hour indicated on your ticket.

Is the activity cancelled if it rains ?

No. We will cancel the activity only in case of storm or heavy rainfall. Please visit our website and our Facebook page for the updated information.

Can we turn back along the way ?

Yes. But we suggest you to follow the pathway to discover all the areas !

Is there any washrooms along the way ?

There are washrooms in the welcome center, close to the Polar bears habitat, in the building near the Amur Tigers and in the restaurant.

If I buy a ticket online I decide not to go, can I give it to another person ?

Yes. The ticket is transferable, but it’s valid once only.

Will a gift shop be opened ?

Yes. The gift shop located in the welcome center will be opened with a lot of Zoo’s products and an exclusive collection of ANIMA LUMINA products available.

Can we take pictures and videos ?

Of course ! As long as you share them with all your friends !

Can we take the route more than once ?

To make sure that each visitor appreciates its visit, we recommend that you take the route only once in an evening. But you can buy the Zoo-ANIMA LUMINA passport, which will allow you to come back as often as you wish this summer.

Can we see animals while walking the night trail Anima Lumina ?

It is possible to observe virtual animals and to hear animal sounds thanks to multimedia technologies. Almost all the animals that you can see during the day are in their night grounds at night and therefore, are not visible to the public during ANIMA LUMINA.

Pouvons-nous réaliser le parcours Anima Lumina avec des poussettes ?

You can use your stroller on the trail. However, there are many stairs along the way and in order to facilitate your movements and your experience, we recommand that you use an infant carrier. If you do not have one, you can rent one at the Zoo for 6$, subject to availability.

Any other question? Please send us an email at  : [email protected].

We look forward to welcoming you !