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The Borealium

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The Borealium is the Zoo sauvage Welcome Center. It is where your initiation to the Boréalie begins. In fact, the Zoo sauvage offers you a Multisensory movie which will wake up all your senses. You will be able to see, feel and smell the Boréalie. After the show, you will finally be ready to discover all of the facets of our marvellous site. For the winter season you are welcomed to discover the “La Pinède” gift shop at the Boréalium where you can also purchase hot beverages and snacks in vending machines. You can also relax and sit by our stone fireplace. To complete your excursion, we suggest a second film about nature. Comfortably seated, you will be dazzled by spectacular images on the big screen. When leaving the room you will also be able to discover a nature exhibit.

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