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Management team

Johnatan Doucet – Chief executive
[email protected] – 418-679-0543 #5224

Louis Bouchard – Chief financial officer
[email protected] – 418-679-0543 #5226

Joanie Boudreault – Development director
[email protected] – 418-679-0543 #5228

David Pagé – Biologist | Director Conservation and Education
[email protected] – 418-679-0543 #5278

Justin Jutras – Director of maintenance and construction
[email protected] – 418-679-0543 #5225

Anaïs G. Lapointe – Marketing and Sales Coordinator
[email protected] – 418-679-0543 #5223

Executive board

  • Joséane Fortin – President
  • Denis Tremblay – Treasurer
  • Louise Boulanger – Administrator
  • Nathalie Gaudreault – Administrator
  • Luc Gibbons – Administrator
  • Marie-Eve Lamontagne – Administrator
  • Jean Leclerc – Administrator
  • Sylvie Prescott – Administrator
  • Paul Patry – Administrator
  • Stéphanie Potvin – Administrator


The Zoo sauvage niche is bounded by the “Boréalie”, which is the Northern part of the planet, and by cold regions of the globe, found in the South Pole and in high altitudes.

A niche is a specialization chosen by an organization to set itself apart and, in the case of the Zoo sauvage, to align itself with the natural climate of animals in its care. The decision to keep animals that are indigenous, adapted to a cold climate and northern exotic animals came naturally.

Why ? Because we feel that it promotes animal welfare. Animals living in conditions similar to those found in nature to which they have become adapted can more readily express their natural behaviour. And that is the objective of the Zoo sauvage.

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