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Anima Lumina

The experience celebrates the richness of the Boréalie all along a 1.5 km trail running throughout the Zoo’s paths and footbridges. Through the magic of multimedia, immersive effects and wilderness sounds, the most beautiful secrets of the forest are revealed. Follow the young protagonist and let your imagination be your guide into an enchanting and mysterious world. You will experienced, for a night time, a nature-orchestrated symphony. Anima Lumina reveals another side of the Zoo, where animals only live in your imagination. For more information, click here.


Legend has it that every night something extraordinary happens here in the teeming, living heart of the boreal forest. Keep your eyes peeled and you just might catch fleeting glimpses of mysterious silhouettes as they race through the trees.

Thousands of pairs of eyes seem to be watching us with fear and curiosity through the gigantic trees. The sounds they make are amplified in the dark, joining together in an astounding symphony, as the cries of countless nocturnal species intermingle in the deep shadows of the forest.

There are tales of a boy with a dog who knows this place well and has the gift of communicating with the animals. His powers are such that he can attract a wealth of creatures to watch, listen and witness everything that happens here in this unique space.

A gently caring moon lights the visitors’ steps, guiding their way along the path. This lustrous luminescence with its hint of blue leads them from discovery to discovery as they make their way along the banks of an enchanted river in a fabulous, spellbinding adventure.


Buy your ticket now! Pick a date and time for the Illuminated night walk in the schedule below from July 14th to September 4th,2016. Please note that space is limited, reserve now!

Adult rate: 19.57$
Plus taxes:
Senior and student (ID required): 16.75$
Plus taxes:
Child 6 to 14: 13.70$
Plus taxes:
Child 5 and under: Free
Family Plan: 59.90$
Additional child: 6.74$
Family Plan (Single Parent): 42.29$
Additional child: 6.74$

*Check the schedule for the available evenings.

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