Zoo sauvage de St-Félicien

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With its 75 species, Zoo sauvage of St-Félicien is one of the most diversified zoo in North America.

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  • Did you know that seals bring up big fish to the water’s surface to feed themselves? They use their front limbs to hold and eat their prey.

  • Did you know that the Amur tiger is the sub-species that lives the most northerly? During winter, its coat has a density of about 3000/cm2

  • Did you know that coyotes are found throughout all of North America? Their distribution has been extended over the years.

  • Did you know that because of human urbanization, the grizzly has lost 2/3 of its natural habitat?

  • Did you know that the cougar runs very fast, up to 72 km/h, but only for short distances?

  • Did you know that an adult Bactrian camel weighs between 300 and 800 kg?